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Chronicles of a Confused Cobbler

  There once was a cobbler named Cami…comical, curious, care-free Cami.Craftsmanship was Cami’s calling, and her career condoned creative-freedom. She wasn’t confined by the constraints of the commonplace. Her studio was her sanctuary, her heart, and her home.   Now Cami was always cooking something up; contriving curious clogs or customizing cast-off cowboy boots…which made for a happy Cami! Was she a comfortable Cami…not so much…but she was a happy Cami.         Our cobbler needed a welcoming workshop, where the accommodations were as agreeable as the atmosphere and artistry. As she pored over the prospects, up popped...

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What's new on the Arctic scene?

Welcome to our new and improved website!  We hope you enjoy our new home as much as we do.  As an added bonus, we've added a blog so we can share the latest news and insights from our little corner of the furniture world.   We might as well start at the beginning, and try to make it short and sweet :)  Arctic Home Furnishings...a name we've all grown to know around these parts.  We're part of the scenery in downtown Timmins you might say.  We've been at the same place, owned by the same family, doing the same thing for over...

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