About Arctic Home Furnishings

Arctic Home Furnishings has confronted many changes over the years.   It all began with two brothers who immigrated from Italy. This team created a commercial refrigeration company that fluctuated into the fashion-forward full-line furniture store we feature today.  The new AHF remains retro in our resolve to render relevance and refinement, at reasonable rates; a marked-out memoir of maturity, with a modern mix of merriment, maintenance and mechanization.

We feature furnishings that fit your flair for fashion, and finances, and are applauded for advertising the most comprehensive collections of Canadian-built creations in the area; showcasing superiority and style, with the option of complete creative customization! We pride ourselves in our professional, personable and proficient people...the most highly-trained and talented team, that provide you with all prevalent propaganda on your preferred products :)

Our sustainability relies on superior service!  We supply our customers with in-store support by seasoned, skilled savants.  Replacements, repairs and rescues are remedied rapidly and reliably!  No time?  Our dedicated delivery team will tend to your treasures, and thoughtfully transfer them to your turf.  Complete Customer Care is our catchprase...and our cause.  Pick your favorite financing features (O.A.C.), enlist our decorating experts, watch our website or scour our social media; surprises are our specialty!  

What is Arctic Home Furnishings?

In a nutshell, we're a long-standing, local landmark that's consumed with customer care, convenience, choices, and competitive prices!  

AHF...feels like home.