Chronicles of a Confused Cobbler


There once was a cobbler named Cami…comical, curious, care-free Cami.

Craftsmanship was Cami’s calling, and her career condoned creative-freedom. She wasn’t confined by the constraints of the commonplace. Her studio was her sanctuary, her heart, and her home.


Now Cami was always cooking something up; contriving curious clogs or customizing cast-off cowboy boots…which made for a happy Cami! Was she a comfortable Cami…not so much…but she was a happy Cami.





Our cobbler needed a welcoming workshop, where the accommodations were as agreeable as the atmosphere and artistry.

As she pored over the prospects, up popped Palliser…with it’s persuasive picks full of potential and possibilities.




Sectional seating for several to sit, or respective recliners with just the right fit? A chair that is built to baby her back, with a stool for setting the tray while she snacks :)  The leathers, the layers, the local appeal…she could score was she’s sweet on AND get a great deal!



The Remington couch in a palette that’s bare, with colorful toss cushions, oh what a pair! Mid-century modern meets functional flare, will it be so stunning she won’t want to share?



Better the Bloom with it’s over-stuffed look, just begging her besties to grab a good book! Colours that mirror the mountains and sky, maybe the bloom is what Cami should buy.



A Quantum creation to cradle her core, so cobbling footwear won’t make her so sore! A stool she can use when she’s resting her feet, or a make-believe mound where great minds go to meet.





The Chesepeake chair crammed with memory foam, creates custom comfort in young Cami’s home. Whether waiting for shoes or just watching a show, she won’t have to snuggle with the folks she don’t know.



The powered-up Flick with it’s LED lights, is prefect for popcorn and long Netflix nights.
Our cobbler can put all that bling to the test, and give those sore tootsies a much needed rest.




Oh Cami, poor Cami, she can’t seem to pick, she wants to be sure but she wants to be quick!

No worries dear cobbler, just look at our doodles, when it comes to options, oh Cam we have oodles!

So bring us your stress, your confusion and worry…we’ll find you the perfect room in a hurry.

Whatever your vision, for work, home and play, we’ll dress up your canvas, the Palliser way :)