Hygge Who?


Hygge…word of the year in 2016; soooo, what the heck is Hygge?!

I was panicked to even pronounce it, let alone try to pitch it.  The word Hygge, pronounced “Hue-gah”, is the Danish art of comfort, companionship, clean lines and and contentment.  There is no real English translation, except for maybe…AAhhhhh :)

This style has seized the interior decorating sector by storm, and shows no signs of stopping.  In this era of fast-paced folly, futuristic finds, and full-blown frustration, it’s no wonder home-bodies and hotshots alike are hungry for a little Hygge, Sugah!




The best part of bringing some Hygge into your home...it’s humble happiness.  Comfort can be many things...charming character, cozy classics, hot cocoa, cashmere covers, crackling coals…you get the gist.  Can’t immediately install a wood stove…combine candles in a cluster and voila…your first hint of Hygge! 





Grandma always knitting you some kind of knick-knack...get her to tailor a toasty throw, or a warm wool wrap.  This thrifty trend is all about integrating intimate with inexpensive, warm with whimsical, all to create a charming, contemporary cabin.




Close your eyes…it’s mid-February, and you just slayed that snowbank…again.  Frozen-faced and frustrated you release the rigid doorknob, revealing your romantic, rustic retreat; faux furs, woven wool, cinnamon cider and checkered covers, all conjuring a customized, cozy chalet…THAT is Hygge! 




A cat curled up in near a flickering fire…popcorn, paperbacks and pantofles; THAT is Hygge! 



A bottle of Bordeaux…a bouquet of baking berries nuzzling your nostrils; fellowship, family and friends; THAT is Hygge!




Delightfully-Danish Hygge!  Cuddle with your cat or kick back with your kin kinda Hygge; plain ol' apple cider or spike it with some gin kinda Hygge! :) 

Where the fire warms our tootsies, and candles cast a glow...no matter where the light's from, there's no place you'd rather go :)