Here's the skinny...spring-style :)

Spring is in the air...a little sunshine, sprouting shoots...and style secrets!  We've scoured through the latest samples...wandered the websites...flipped through feeds and read the bring you these trendy tidbits of decorating decorum; the ten leading looks that were literally EVERYWHERE!


The modern farmhouse

This tasteful trend is as timeless as it is tolerant.  The broad-minded beauty of this bohemian bunch allows the amalgamation of aged and au-courant.  Renwil rocks this retro revival with accents that reflect realism and refinement, while Ashley affords an antique ambiance to any area.  Classic Home creates collector's pieces that compliment conventional or contemporary decor by combining clean lines with crisp linens and worn woods.  Bermex boasts the beauty of solid birch while offering oodles of options to add antique ambiance to your abode.








Artisan Ambiance

Handcrafted is still a heavyweight when bringing harmony to your home.  A pop of artisan ambiance adds an amusingly alluring atmosphere to an artificial, automated alcove.  Renwil returns with it's artsy accents, paying a home-made homage to hand-crafted hoopla.  Surya spotlights spirit, selection and style with a simple, sophisticated savoire-faire.  When you want a lot that will last the long haul, La-z-boy lends luxury and longevity to this look.







Funky Florals

Florals are as fashionable as they are favored; featuring a fun, funky flavor, updated florals are unfamiliar, unafraid and upbeat!  Cheeky color, pronounced patterns and a sassy style is what makes this pervasive pattern a mainstream motif!  Renwil, Surya and Uttermost, three fabulous firms all featuring that floral feeling in everything from frames to frills!  La-z-boy's fashion-forward fabrics are always a front-runner, focusing on fresh facades with artistic allure.








Earthy Embellishments

Terra Cotta, Tawny,'s trending tones embody an earthy expression; warm whisps of wheat to wind-down the day, serving up a serene, sienna Shangri-La that's stylish and subdued. Renwil recognizes this russet revival and responds with replica relics and rusty reflections.  Ashley and La-z-Boy artistically accentuate their assortment with an adobe aura.








Back in Black!

Kitchens are showing their dark side this spring, creating a somber, sophisticated and sultry scene.  Mold a monochromatic masterpiece by broadly boasting black!  From fridge to facades, backsplash to barnwood, black is as bountiful as it is beautiful in a bold, a-la-mode kitchen!  KitchenAid's new Black Stainless, the crowning compliment to your charcoal chamber!  Blanketed in a beautiful black binding, and flaunting all your favorite features, this collection will conjure up a dusky dreamland that's to die for!









Short and curvy baby!


This spring furniture is flaunting it's curves; bloated, billowy and bursting with brilliance; plump pieces that pop and linger low to the ground.  Short gets a standing ovation in style, and curvy is the critics choice.  La-z-boy, Palliser, Ashley, DecorRest...all leaders in the latest looks.  You can find these shapely, sunken styles in all of their scrapbooks, showing it's seasonal star power!








Fringe Benefits


Flirting with fringe...this fun facade has found it's way back to furnishings!  Feathery frills, tasteful tufts and tassels, this retro resurgence reflects the desire for decorating with a discreet decadence; tacking on texture to update your utopia.  Ashley and Renwil have added frayed features to many fashionable favorites, bridging the gap between form and function.


 the MAX!

Museum-worthy maximalism is making it's way to the mainstream!  This spring, making the most of your miscellanious memorabilia by displaying them in your decor!  Display your doodles...put out those pictures; surround yourself with your souvenirs and spoils...this spring is all about layering the things you love!  






Black and white 


This classic contrasting combo is as au-courant as ever!  From art to accessories; carpets to coverings; this contradictory couple continues to be cutting-edge.  Renwil and DecorRest showcase a stylish selection of black and white samples to suit any setting...with a dash of sassy sophistication!






Saturated Colors

If Ebony and Ivory make you cringe...don't cry...crazy-cool colors are catching as many compliments as their cold counterparts.  Saturated shades, with delicious depth...juicy jewel tones gilding trend-setting, transitional treasures.  Ashley, Renwil, Palliser, Surya...all show us their colorful personalities by producing eye-popping pieces of pigmented perfection!