and function find their way into our food prep!


Your decor, such a subtle expression of self.  Our modern world is filled with indecision, instant information and infinite possibilities!  Your home reflects all that is you; your wisdom, your wishes, and your personal whimsy.  Whether you're a scholar or a socialite, a student or a surgeon, you can supplement your space with colorful creations that compliment your character, and it's not limited to cushions and chesterfields anymore...hip-hip hurray!

Gone are the days of basic black and white, we can all appreciate the beauty of diversity, not only in our lives, but now also in our kitchens!  This space has become a gathering place, the spot for entertaining guests, and what a novel idea to also have it be a showcase of self-expression.  Not only are we using our appliances to create tantalizing treats, we are using them as statement pieces in our decor!  Sitting around the kitchen island, the conversation about the view has now converted from tediously traditional to bewitchingly bold.  Our eyes no longer just admire the art and accents, they are drawn to the alluring aura of the appliances themselves...their angles and attributes, their chroma and character.  If you're going to prepare a piece de resistance, why not produce it with panache on the perfect paraphernalia.  

Introducing the resolution to this revolution, KitchenAid and Jenn-Air.  This dynamic duo offers fashion, function, and a little flair, without the frivolous figures of it's flamboyant foes.  If you're attracted to the appeal and accomplishments of these all-the-rage appliances, you no longer have to break-the-bank to bask in their benefits and beauty.

Gas cooking, a gourmet's glory!  The finesse of the open flame creates culinary chef d'oeuvres, a foodie's fantasy.  When envisioning your most endeared cooking environment, you expect excellence.  You want to spend your hard earned salary sensibly, without sacrificing style, selection or specialties.  

Let me reveal the royalty of ranges!   If color is your concern, and you expect excellence in execution, this range address all your apprehensions.  Whether you want 6 burners, a griddle or the grandiose, these models will not only satisfy your savoir faire, but will help shape succulent spreads, even for the most skilled samplers.  This meticulously manufactured model is made in 5 colors, so you can complement current color schemes, while combining your own clever creativity.  Let's talk fabulous features!  The dual fuel design dismisses your disquiet about ending your eagerness for electric.  You can now have the benefits of a gas cooktop, while still cooking with the classic, conventional comfort of electric.  Curious about convection but confused about this contemporary component; convect-convert will take charge of this conundrum for you.  It will tailor your temperature to produce tried and true tempting triumphs!  Smart phone...this is a smart stove :)  Are you a busy-body and begging for a baking buddy?  The delay start function allows you to set it and forget it at sunrise, and still serve supper on time like supermom.  

Is your kitchen still a smoke show when your create your culinary chef d'oeuvres?  Downdraft will absolutely delight you!  Imagine a built-in buddy that will clear out that charred cloud, without consuming kitchen capacity or compromising craftship.  Whether it's incorporated, telescoping or retractable, this countertop companion will surely become as esteemed as it is effective, and remain concealed when closed down.  Downdraft is a designer's dream as it doesn't dispute the decor.

What if you prefer your pieces to parallel your present color palate?  If you crave consistency and cherish your choice of cupboards, these models will complete your kitchen without cluttering your contoured concept.  The pleasures of panel-ready models are both pleasing, prevalent and fiercely popular.  Why wander away from wood if you can also add it to your appliances?  Nature-lovers need not fret, flash your fondness for that "forest-feel" :)  These can also splendidly show off your sentiment for Scandinavian style...simple, straight lines, in synchronized strips.  


Maybe you're a gas grill master, but the wintry weather becons you to bypass your beloved barbecue.  No worries, a gas cooktop, with griddle and grill will mend this misfortune and have you searing in the sanctuary of your clement kitchen.  The griddle allows you to fricasee free of a frying pan, while the gas grill will have you 'cuing like a chef, all in a comfy climate...with a carafe of chianti :)  

Why fight the frost, your kitchen can bring you barbecue least until the days get longer and the deck doesn't require the dredging of a ditch!




So if you're anticipating an appliance upgrade, why not spoil yourself a little...combine luxury and logic.  Your kitchen can be practical, purposeful and posh.  Shopping for appliances should feel as sophisticated and satisfying as seeking sultry furnishings, silky fabrics, and other such fineries. Your sense of style and savoir-faire should spill into every segment of your home...why segregate your cooking sanctuary; your palate and your peeps will be both persuaded and pleased with your proficiency! 

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