Decorating Do's and Don'ts Decoded

When it comes to creativity, no forum is more fascinating then décor. We buy books, download diy’s...we love to display distinction in our designs. We’ve scoured the scene and settled on this selection of savvy secrets…straight from the style-savants!

DO…Make peace with your scale

Size really does matter! When planning your panorama, ponder each piece. If you have a considerable canvas, you’ll crave furniture with a copious constitution to accent the amplitude of the area. Fair-sized furnishings and whopping wall hangings will maximize the magnitude of your made-over manor. If you’re dealing with a diminutive dwelling, you’ll desire a small-scaled, streamlined design. Skimpy sofas, tiny treasures and the use of many mirrors will make the most of your pint-sized palace.


DON’T…Play match-maker

When it comes to décor, dare to diversify! In the past, the preference was for paired pieces, matching mates, identical and impersonal. Cutting-edge creations combine classic style with complimenting comrades. Instead of incorporating a stagnate set, co-ordinating chairs in a corresponding cover will communicate your creativity with a clever, cosmopolitan charm. Pick a pattern that is personal and parallels your predominant pigment. Your secondary seating should spotlight this selection, as should the toss cushions on your chesterfield. Turn the tired, traditional triad into a trendy, tailor-made trifecta!

DO…Tie-in textures

The layering of textures lends visual diversity to any design. Fix your sights on fabulous fabrics…fleece, feathery, fringed or fur...displaying dimension in your décor will doctor a dull display into a captivating creation. Layer toss cushions and throws, and focus on fun! Cue in correlating ceramics, amusing accents, visually appealing vases and dramatic drapes…the results, an inviting, inspirational illustration of individualism.

DON’T…Get the wrong coverage

When shopping for seating, contemplate the cover you will choose. If you’re leaning towards leather, look at your lifestyle; is your crib a circus, with children and creatures combined? Consider coated leather; these protected picks are prepared for the persistent punishment from your plentiful peers. A natural hide notices every neglect, and is undoubted for unveiling a uniquely-used and unconventional undertone. This cover id perfect for a country-classic creation in a casual, care-free concept; but is not recommended for the rigors of rug-rats and ruffians.
If you favor fabrics, pick polyester as your preferred patina for it’s persistence and pleasing pigmentations. Available in an abundance of alternatives, this fiber functions as the family-favorite for flexibility and features such a forgiving façade. Tout unforgiving textures on toss cushions and tabourets; team tasteful and thrifty as you target your tailored textiles.

DO…Secure samples

Colors and components can vary considerably, so contemplate creating a sample caddy. Procure pint-sized prototypes and prepare a pocket-friendly portfolio of your present patina. Combine your wall color and carpet, your fabrics and faux-finishes into a valuable visual aid when viewing a viable vignette.

DON’T…discount the details

The details are what dictate the depth of your décor. Here’s a few hints to help you maximize your mastery of the minor details:

-Create a triple-trimmings when adding accents. Accessories are more appealing in arrays of 3…symmetry stagnates your style savoir-faire; soupe-up the sidelines with a swank syndicate of supplements.

-Bookcases…buried in belongings and disregarded in design. Your bookcase can become a beautiful border boasting your treasured tangibles; a showcase of soft-covers and spangles. Begin with books stacked horizontally and vertically. Combine correlating colors to add creative character; add-in accessories that accentuate your room’s attributes. This area is also able to advertise awkward artwork. Opt for the opportunity to merge organization with opulence, and pepper in some organic objects.

-Drape your domain with decadence. When updating your utopia, whip your windows into shape with dramatic drapes. Hang your panels halfway between the highest part of the window and the ceiling, and allow them to flawlessly flow onto the floor. Create a hoax of height with these happy hijinks. Exploit elevation and camouflage your cramped quarters with this cunning clue.

DO…go for a gallery wall

Pictures, portraits…perfect portrayals of personality and posterity. A gallery wall is both pleasing and practical; we picked our preferences…practice your prowess by playing with some of these plans, or make your own museum-worthy method.

-Symmetrical Simplicity is a straight-forward starter for your new-found stacking skills. Fashion one frame as a focal piece, fringed by four flattering familiars.

-The Rectangular Roadmap amalgamates visual appeal and avant-guarde artistry. To make the most of your museum manifestation, position your precious pictures in a mixed-medley of a more massive mosaic.

-A Block Bunch is a bewitching bravado of your beloved brood. Sculpt several same-sized singles into a sizable square shape, and simulate this sassy, sought-after style.

DON’T…isolate individual illustrations

Don’t sweat the small stuff, except when it comes to suspending scanty shapes. Avoid pinning petite prints as a focal point on your partition. Instead, lodge these little likenesses on a side table or a shelf. You don’t want to dwarf your design by shrugging off scale in your scheme.

So…my decorating divas…are you delighted to develop your design dexterity? Do what you do…but with a little pinch of discernment and a dash of decorum. Astonish your admirers with your advanced abilities and author both authenticity and adventure into your abode.

AHF…feels like home.