Being two-faced isn't so bad!?!

Our homes…a lasting impression of our individualism. Have you ever heard of having “champagne taste on a beer budget”? A lot of us suffer this same fate…but that doesn’t mean you have to migrate to the mundane. You can land that luxurious look without having to shell out your savings. We’ve got a fascinating fix, just follow this fingerprint to compose a crowning achievement, all while being conservative with your coin!

You’re having a look through a home décor handbill, and suddenly, there it is…the most sensational sofa you’ve ever seen! It’s sublime, and screams your name...complimentary colors, faultless frame, and poised to position perfectly in the parlor! The stickler; you scroll to that scary section and see the price is…well petrifying!

We’ve all been there; discrimination and complete disappointment! The same weakness we get when we wait for that perfect piece to be the right price, and the result upon our return…it’s since been retired. The rage, the regret! Don’t dismay; there is defense to this depressing difficulty, and we’re here to help you dissolve the dilemma. You can pull off that picture perfect Pinterest piece-de-resistance, while preserving your personal taste, and protecting your pocket book.
Sofas and sectionals, the solution for satisfying space requirements while seating your whole squad. Tables, tabourets, tv stands or torchieres, all these play a role in our rooms. Canadian creations can usually be built according to your blueprint, made to match your mood, and loved for their longevity. These furnishings are fashionable, fitted, and for keeps. Their beauty and build is bar-none, but they can also boast a bigger bounty. What if your preferences periodically permutate, and you’ve already purged your pocket book? You can still satisfy your stylish spirit by making small sacrifices. Cut out the color choices; balance out the bottom line with an import, still bearing the same brilliance and build you beseech.
Take a peek at the following….two options, both sought after for their trendiness and their transitional tenor. We’ve put together a compilation of comparatives for you to contemplate. Let’s play on your perception and see if you can predict the prime from the popularly priced. Can you conclude which fetches the highest fare? From seating to sleeping quarters, dining to decoration, your desired domicile is always attainable…with a little analysis, and some assistance from your adept acquaintances here at AHF :) We focus on finding you the style you seek, at the price you give it a try, and test your technique with this taunting trivia…

















































How well do you do? Did you find it difficult to discern between the customizable and the conventional; the affluent and the more affordable?

Why this exercise in expertise you ask? I guess to prove a point…if you want to simulate a style, akin attributes are available and attainable for anyone. If the alterations can’t be ascertained, then you’ve accomplished the desired aftereffect. Whether you crave custom Canadian quality, or your intention is interchangeable inventiveness from an import, your picture-perfect is always possible, with a little persistence and a perceptive purchasing partner ;)
Come on, bring us a close-up, a magazine clipping, a Pinterest pic or a PDF, and we’ll provide you with possibilities...maneuvers to manifest that masterpiece you must have! Deciphering decorating dilemmas is our distinguishing feature, and a delightful diversion…what are friends for if not to find a solution, all while having a little fun!