AHF Holiday Gift Guide

  Oh Christmas... 'Tis the season for tummy teasin' and people pleasin'; the retail race for a smiling face!   How do you predict your pal's preferences?  so many tidings, so little time...   Our Holiday Gift Guide...original options that will overwhelm, and opulently out-do offerings of old!                                    

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  Your decor, such a subtle expression of self.  Our modern world is filled with indecision, instant information and infinite possibilities!  Your home reflects all that is you; your wisdom, your wishes, and your personal whimsy.  Whether you're a scholar or a socialite, a student or a surgeon, you can supplement your space with colorful creations that compliment your character, and it's not limited to cushions and chesterfields anymore...hip-hip hurray! Gone are the days of basic black and white, we can all appreciate the beauty of diversity, not only in our lives, but now also in our kitchens!  This space...

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Being two-faced isn't so bad!?!

Our homes…a lasting impression of our individualism. Have you ever heard of having “champagne taste on a beer budget”? A lot of us suffer this same fate…but that doesn’t mean you have to migrate to the mundane. You can land that luxurious look without having to shell out your savings. We’ve got a fascinating fix, just follow this fingerprint to compose a crowning achievement, all while being conservative with your coin! You’re having a look through a home décor handbill, and suddenly, there it is…the most sensational sofa you’ve ever seen! It’s sublime, and screams your name...complimentary colors, faultless frame,...

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Today's Top Trends...Totally Tranquil Tech you hear it?  I think it's running water...OMG it's actually spring!  The sun is shining and nature's creatures are sprouting up to set forth the season.  Even people are crawling out of their caverns after a long and chilly hibernation;  soaking up the sun, wanting to spruce up our spaces, and ourselves, after a long winter's nap.  Whether you want to convert to current colors, or are contemplating a complete change, these home decor trends will have you "springing" into 2017 with style. Space-Saving Sanctuaries... If there's one trend that keeps on keepin' on, it's smaller-scaled, savvy spaces that seamlessly...

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Vogue Visage with a Vintage Vibe!

  Oh, how we treasure our trends…retro revivals, classic comebacks and past meets present, pioneering our present palates! Some trends should remain retired, REALLY, but the recent resurgence of farmhouse fever is a timeless testament to radical and resourceful reclamation. Crazes come and go, but cladding your crib with vintage vibes will survive seasonal style shifts, all while pro-actively protecting your pocketbook. Farmhouse fever is a familiar fashion favorite; think worn wood, faded finishes and antique additions. The alluring advantage to this charming comeback is you can cleverly capitalize on your current commodities! Get to those garage sales; strut that...

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