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'Twas the week before Christmas...

Posted by Renee Michel on

'Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the house, 

our whole family was snoozing, including my spouse,

the stockings were folded on the floor by the stairs, in hopes a new fireplace soon would be shared,

The kids tossed and turned in uncomfortable beds, while peeks of new mattresses danced in their heads,

Dad in his onesie, and I in my blouse, had just Netflixed away a whole season of "House",

When from the first floor their arose such a rattle, we sprang from our Tempur, stampeded like cattle,

Away to the kitchen, we raced through the door, to notice the dishwasher leaked on the floor,

The moon's reflection on the watery glow, made my eyes even meaner, hey hubby, Let's go!

When what in my googling search should I score, but a miniature bear on a furniture store,

With no real effort, so timely and quick, I had a new dishwasher all with one click.

Faster than reindeer they dropped off my find, such a great place, polite, quick and kind.

"Now Daddy, now kids, please come here if you could, this furniture store is the best in the 'Hood",

"From our friends to our neighbors, please post on their walls, now type away, text away, try to tell all"

With their choices gallore and that website, Oh my, when faced with an obstacle they'll find it, or try!

So up to the store front the family we flew, with the car full of kiddies, and sweet grandma too.

And then with a smile, I saw to my right, the faces and waving of three little sprites,

As I stressed in my head and was making my plan, down the aisle came my salesperson, notebook in hand,

She was dressed to the nines, from her head to her foot, and all of my favorites were there in her book,

A tour of the place, she made sure she gave, and kept grandma busy, Oh what a save!

My eyes how they twinkled, my children so merry, their noise level lowered, so calm it was scary,

They wrote on the chalkboard and played tic-tac-toe, while hubby and I walked around too and fro,

The couch that I loved I saw there all in grey, and the choices of fabrics sure made my day!

It had a chaise-lounge, just like my friend Shelley, but the cushions on this were the color of jelly,

It was tufted and plump, and despite of myself, I just had to have it, Oh please Christmas Elf!

With a blink of her eye and a smile on her face, she sure let me know that the order'd be placed,

She spoke not a word, but went straight to the rack, pulled out some fabrics, and then came right back,

When typing the order upon the computer, she gave me nod, both knew it was much cuter,

We all shuffled out, to the kids had to holler, and away we all went, having saved a few dollars,

Then I heard them exclaim, as we walked out the door, "Happy Christmas to all, come back soon to buy more" ;)



(based on the famous poem 'Twas the night before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore, 1823.)



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