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Trend Alert...Embrace your inner diva, with a leather corset?

Posted by Renee Michel on

If you've been keeping your eye on the runways this summer, you'll have noticed that one element seems to repeat itself as the up and coming hue this is back baby, and hints of this sooty shade are popping up everywhere!

Contrary to our preconceived notions about this darkened damsel in our decor, it's now playing second fiddle to a softer spectrum.  The pairing of this timeless tone with peaceful pastels, eye-catching eyelets, mesmerizing metallics and fabulous florals transports us to a place of whimsy, with a delicate grace...but it's like getting there riding a chopper while dressed in leather and lace!  What a better way to give props to today's modern mamas!  Go ahead and release that rebellious romantic and let her write the decorating rules...she's been bottled up long enough!

If you want to express that fierce female flair, you can start with a simple black accent wall; all this takes is a gallon of paint, and maybe a few blisters...sorry manicure :(.  The instant dramatic effect you'll create with this look will make it worth your precious time, and your damaged digits.

If manual labor isn't your strong suit, embellish with accessories!  It's like choosing the perfect pair of heels and jewelry to accentuate your little black dress, with a role reversal.  Bring in some piceous pillows, livid lampshades and pitch-dark picture frames...try to think outside the box.  If glam's your thing, rock those rhinestones and model those that dark diva you know you are!

However you decide to work your black magic, adding this crepuscular color to your space will not only keep you on trend for fall, it'll change your perspective on this mysteriously misunderstood shade.  Game of Thrones with a dark twist, it'll definitely have people talking!  


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