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Today's Top Trends...Totally Tranquil Tech

Posted by Renee Michel on you hear it?  I think it's running water...OMG it's actually spring!  The sun is shining and nature's creatures are sprouting up to set forth the season.  Even people are crawling out of their caverns after a long and chilly hibernation;  soaking up the sun, wanting to spruce up our spaces, and ourselves, after a long winter's nap.  Whether you want to convert to current colors, or are contemplating a complete change, these home decor trends will have you "springing" into 2017 with style.

Space-Saving Sanctuaries...

If there's one trend that keeps on keepin' on, it's smaller-scaled, savvy spaces that seamlessly blend function, fashion and furnishings!  Our cities swell causing shrinking square clever consumers are coming up with creative ways to combine multi-tasking marvels into their more modest manors.  From double-duty dressers to veiled ventilation, this tucked-away trend is taking "two-faced" to a whole new level...


Urban Jungle-Fever...

Close your eyes and picture your preferred panorama...peacefully isn't it?  Amidst the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, we see an urban jungle juxtaposed against a modern metropolis.  From organic to oxidized, distressed detailing to whimsical wall coverings, the sky is the limit when creating your trendy, tranquil temple.  Live-edges, concrete, greens, blues and washed whites; nature and nurture are the trending topics when updating your urban utopia.  Tropical totems like palm leaves and panthers, pinapples and petrified wood have permeated the platform perfectly.  Pairing paradise with the primitive is a popular position.


Outdoor opulence...

Small sanctuaries and our obsession with the organic naturally leads us to another top trend, ornate outdoor rooms that boast a shrewd sense of style and are an elegant extension of our existing environments.  The old fold-up lawn chair has morphed into a multitude of meticulously crafted marvels...from sectionals to sofas, firepits to fringed rugs, outdoor spaces are maintaining their mainstream momentum as the way to stretch your square footage sensibly without sacrificing sophistication.


Texture tantrum...

Since the prevalent pattern is our nod to nature, transfused textures are also dominating decor.  Try mixing faux fur and flannel, fringe and feathers, and get your 3 dimensional-groove on!  Incorporate exciting new elements like marble or scenic wall murals, which are making their mark in modern motifs.  The layering of vivid velvets, woven wools, and mixed patterns is a tantalizing textile treat!  The combination of organic and old school, raw and refined, retro meets rainforest...bask in the beauty of barnboard and brocade, with a bohemian buzz!

"Tech the halls"

Our technology temptations foretell a digital destiny for decor.  This incorporation of innovation into interior design was inevitable.  From camouflaged charging stations to multi-function massage chairs, manufacturers have peppered their products with up-to-the-minute upgrades; automated with an artistic aura.  Make the most of this modern merger by masking your machines in practical pieces.


As you can see, the top trends for spring 2017 perfectly personify our modern mantra; balancing peace with progress...finding a way to connect to nature while staying "connected".  Now close your eyes and picture that preferred outdoor scene you see it?  Let your room reflect it in your'll be on trend and peacefully zen :)


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