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The price of being a genius ;)

Posted by Renee Michel on

Oh the joys of purchasing a new home...the offer was accepted, the financing went the hard work.  I'm pretty a well-oiled machine might I add. I thought of everything; we take possession in two weeks, I remembered to switch over our utilities, got the house insurance straightened away, and even took the time to pre-book the U-Haul.  What can I say, sheer genius...such a genius that as much as I planned, and made lists, and even made lists for those lists...I still managed to forget the fact that we still had no appliances, no TV and no living room furniture.  Not a big,'s not like we have to eat or wear clean cloths or anything, and I'm sure my hubby's gonna love sitting on the floor discussing our feelings instead of streaming episode 26 of our Netflix marathon.

OMG!!! What am I going to do?!  I guess I'll start where I always start...I'll ask Google :) Lo and behold my old chum brings up Arctic Home Furnishings.  Hmmm...I need a fridge...Arctic...cute polar for me :)

Hop in the car, turn up the tunes, grab a coffee and here I was.  Wow, what a cute store, love the decor...way more than it seems!  Ok, enough about the scenery missy, back to business!

Oh no!  A salesperson!  Ugh!  Please don't talk to me...please don't talk to me...please don't...

"Oh, hi!"  

Alright, so she looks sweet, she's friendly, and not all up in my face...and cute dog by the way :)  

"No, ummm, I'm just looking."  

That was close.  Uh-oh...look at all the fridges, and the ranges, and wall ovens...OMG; and that's not even the Tv's...I don't know the first thing about Tv's!  Aaagghh...I don't have time for this!!  Don't give in, don't give in...

"Excuse me miss, you know what, I could use your help if you have a moment." 

Now here's where she tries to sell me something I don't need, and she probably has no idea what she's talking about...ugh!  Wait a minute, she wants to know what I want, and seem to genuinely care about my needs for these pieces, really?  And I don't have to stand here smiling just pretending I now what the heck "Steam Clean" is, let alone what it does?  I'm starting to like this store! 

Click, she showed me my options and explained all the complicated, she ordered, it was paid for and coming in before my closing date...all as I played with the cutest little dog at the counter!  Finding a Tv was just as easy, and they price-matched the quote my hubby brought home!  

Ok, this seems too easy; I'm sure picking my furniture is gonna be a nightmare!  Well, I guess that depends on your definition of a nightmare.  If nightmare means finding an instant solution to my decorating dilemma...than it was the scariest experience ever ;) She showed me some of the items I could get right away, and really, between me, you and the gatepost...not so sexy, and definitely NOT me.  Then she says,

"Why not take the 2 La-z-boys right away, then you can customize a sectional the way you want it, and not have to sit on the floor while it's being built."  

BRILLIANT!  Why didn't I think of that?  Hubby's always chattering about making sure he's got his Tv and recliner anyway...and I get to design a sectional to my specifications, right down to the coverings AND leg finish? He's happy...I'm happy...balance is restored to the Universe :)

 After sifting through a rainbow of fabrics and leathers, I found it...the sectional of my dreams; toss cushions, a rug, some was awesome!  I feel like I hired a swanky HGTV designer...and she didn't charge me a penny for the help!  Seriously?  Ok, I love this store, it really DOES feel like home :)

Hop back in my car a hero!  Blast my tunes, sip of my now-cold coffee (ew), and...I think I'll take the long way home.  Newbie home I said, sheer genius! Let me bask in my glory!  I finally completed my list!  Ta-da...who's the bomb?  I'm the bomb!  Woot-woot....

Ok, back to reality, I finally complete THAT list...I haven't even started on the grocery list, or my chore list, or the new inventory list at the office, or picked up the dry cleaning...or taking the dog for a walk...or packing the rest of my cloths...Aagghh!!  Oh, the price of being a genius...hmmmm...maybe Arctic's does groceries, or dishes, or dry cleaning, I'm not fussy...really :)


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