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STOP THE PRESSES!!! The 2017 Color Forecast is here...

Posted by Renee Michel on

Stop the presses! This just in! Pantone Color Institute has announced its color forecast for spring 2017! Why should you care? Well, if you’re an avant-guarde adventurer, a curious creature who loves to be the first to know…than stay tuned and we’ll guide you on your path to decorating with distinction.

As you can see, a lot of our old faithfuls from 2016 have ushered their way back onto the scene this coming spring, and with good reason…’tis the season :) Spring carries with it all of nature’s wonders, her serene spectrum of both vivid and muted tones…and 2017’s Color Forecast might as well be a journey into a tropical rainforest…minus the bug spray and humidity :)

Awww, why so blue? Well, considering this cool cat was the most prevalent color for spring 2017, now’s a great time to “sing those blues” right into your décor! Whether it’s the softer, classic denim-look of Niagara, the more intense, saturated Lapis Blue or the whimsical and airy Island Paradise, blue has definitely turned the tables and become the front-runner for 2017’s Color of the Year!

The relaxed, denim-like Niagara, shows a preference for a more easy-going, relaxed look, with a timeless style. Niagara likes to be trendy, but not too trendy…we have to stay practical now :)  Niagara will soften your space, blend well with a variety of other tones, and remain fashionable for years to come…just like those jeans that never seem to go out of style!


Lapis Blue….from the Lapis Lazuli stone, revered by the ancient Egyptians! It’s opulence, vivid cool tones…in nature is paired with shades of gold; this color will add an instant elegance to any space. Ancient painters used this crushed stone to make their most priceless blue tones…why not take advice from the masters and use the color to reflect your artistic side, your creativity and your appreciation for artistic expression.



Oh, Island Paradise...just seeing this cool aqua tone whisks us away to an oasis of sand, salt and serenity! This hue transforms your home into an urban utopia, a soothing sanctuary where all the hustle and bustle is checked at the door and only grass skirts, leys and umbrella drinks are granted entrance. You don’t need much…an aqua toss cushion, a turquoise vase; let nature be your guide, and she will guide you right to that Island Paradise you long for, and turn aspiration into actuality. See you there…I’ll bring the Mojitos!


Another color playing double-duty this spring is the ever-prevalent green! Again, as in nature, this spring ushers in the perfect couple…the BradJolina of greens…ok, bad example ;) Enter both a muted leafy shade, and a hue with yellow-green undertones, both rich and saturated with images of forests, flora and foliage and voila, the yin and yang of leafy loveliness for spring 2017!

Greenery, a tangy yellow-green, expresses a zest for life. This color reflects the appearance of spring foliage, bright and new…a vibrant apparition after a long, cold rest; life springing up from a monochromatic backdrop. Even just a drop of Greenery will invigorate the coldest of spaces! Ever owned a plant? Then you know exactly what I mean :)


Kale…on your chair? Ok, I’m not talking about starting a food-fight but I’m not kidding either :) It’s the other shade of green you’ll see popping up everywhere from clothing, chesterfields to cafes. A healthy lifestyle is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and this is reflected in their restaurant habits to their room renovations, and everything in between. Bring your love of longevity into your space with this more muted shade…I promise your friends will still be “green” with envy.


Pretty in pink…whether you’re into pastel peonies or rockin’ roses, pink as a whole will again be a forebearer for spring 2017. If 2016’s Rose Quartz was your shade of choice, then Pale Dogwood is calling your name! It is the perfect complement to its pastel predecessor. There’s one big difference with this carefree color though…it’s got a dark side. 2017 sees the pairing of light and dark, the union of bold and beautiful by combining this traditional tone with a phantom black...for all of us who have a taste for the naughty and the nice, this spring allows us to express our duality and make our homes into a contemporary castle fit for a leather-laced queen :)


Staying within our nature-inspired theme for 2017, Pink Yarrow reverberates exotic flora…invigorates the mind and excites the soul! It’s alluring aura has a touch a fearlessness, of individuality that will add presence to your palace…and lift your spirits to a whole new spectrum.


Hazelnut is the neutral shade for 2017. An earthy, muted beige, it pairs itself flawlessly with its saucier, saturated siblings. This is the perfect shade for your larger pieces…an ideal neutral to anchor your area, allowing you the freedom to flirt with some audacious accents! This romantic shade is also perfect for the shabbie-chic, boho-lover. It weaves itself seamlessly into the most romantic rooms and adds a much-needed warmth to this chilly classic.

Primrose Yellow definitely says hello in 2017. Let the sunshine in without even opening the drapes! This compelling color adds warmth, drama and an adventurous ambiance to your décor, just like those first sunny days of spring…full of hope and happy days ahead. Use this color sparingly, it can overpower a space…and be extra careful using this shade in a bedroom, the vivacious energy can make it hard to catch those zzz’s :)

While we’re still feeling hot from the warm glow of Primrose Yellow, let’s pepper in some Flame and really turn up the heat! This red-based orange is both fun and fiery…beat-on-your-chest Tarzan scream kind of fiery…but don’t worry…chant that tribal call, it’ll be muffled by those tantalizing toss cushions and boisterous bolsters, and we won’t tell, we’ll shout right along with you.

So, there it is…you asked and we answered…starting to see a pattern here :) And listen, if you’re cherished color didn’t make the cut for spring 2107 don’t be sad, we wouldn’t leave you out. We promote inclusivity here at AHF, and we’ve got the skinny on how to use that hue in your décor; do you want it’s waggish whimsy, or summon it’s sassier side? Stay tuned for all the chatter on color, and much more…

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