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Mulling over the Mechanics of the Masterpiece...

Posted by Renee Michel on

Ever wonder what it's like on this side of the fashion-fired fence?  Ever mulled over the mechanics of the masterpiece, how a decorator concocts her creation?  Follow me as we help map the mystery...(and psssst....if you like what you see, remember the words "Custom Client Services"... available to all customers, recent or no cost :)  We'll impress you with an artistic itemization of your individuality!  Fishing for some feedback...just read on my friends, read on ;)

Decorating Files…Client #123-16/Beaumont, C.
Initial questionnaire revealed the following:
-Referred By: Existing Client #78-16 Ellerton
-Room(s): Living Room (20’ x 17’)
-Existing Paint Color: to be established/blank
-Existing Flooring: Dark plank hardwood/Reclaimed Look
  • Bay Windows at front of room, client does not want to block the view
  • Client requests either leather or fabric, prefers a combination of the two
  • Loves the look of toss cushions in different patterns
  • Prefers a tamer, more traditional look, but loves bright color pops.
-Requested Pieces:
  • Sofa, Oversized Ottoman and 2 Chairs OR 
  • Sectional, Oversized Ottoman and 2 Chairs
  • 2 end tables
  • Artwork
  • Accessories (minimalistic client, does not like clutter)
-Requested Timeframe: Not applicable, no rush
-Budget: to be determined
-Client Personal Preferences:
  • Enjoys cool colors (blues/greys/creams), but not opposed to the warmer spectrum. Rest of the home is decorated in a neutral, pale palette with dark plank flooring (laminate, hardwood).
  • Very outgoing personality and wants to reflect that in the room.
  • Traditional décor in the rest of the home
  • Loves nature, hiking, camping
  • Has 2 teenage children and a dog


Scenario #1: Pastel Paradise

This pastel paradise blends a little traditional, a little vintage and a little contemporary.  Perfect for those creative souls that just can't decide...and why should you have to?  Decor is as much about personal expression as it is about price.  




Scenario #2: Red Retreat

All those cool colors giving you the "blues"?  This Red Retreat will ignite your senses with it's warm, vivid tones and sexy scarlet statement.  If you need to spice up your life, this room will definitely pepper up your personal space.




Scenario #3: Trendy, Tufted Turquoise

You're a decorating diva, you love aged adornment and au-courant advice...You're all about the azure allure; well this room represents you, Remodeling Rockstar!



Scenario #4: Transitional Teal

With it's muted magnificence, the Transitional Teal Room demonstrates your desire for the decadent, without devouring your dollars!


Well, there it is, as promised.  

I hope the initial selection managed to ignite your imagination... Please go over the different options, and let me know your thoughts :)  If there's something you don't like, or something you just can't live without, please feel free to contact me anytime to compare notes.  I'll contact you Monday so we can gather and gab!  It's been a pleasure Clarisse, talk to you soon :)

Have a great weekend!

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