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Love Letters from a Furniture Store...Part 2

Posted by Renee Michel on

Dear Kim,

I hope you’re enjoying your vaycay! I’m so jealous! Don’t laugh, my phone’s in for repair so I had to go old school ok :)  So enough about you, now I’ve got something that’ll make you jealous my little travelling gal pal. Do you remember how I was thinking about re-modelling my living room? All those nights we spent flicking through Pinterest paid off and I finally just bit the bullet! As soon as you took off I got bored (of course) and figured I’d stop by Arctic’s. I kind of knew what I wanted, but had no idea how to put it together, you know? I didn’t realize you could customize certain furniture to…basically whatever you want!

I kept going back to our coffee-break convos about buying Canadian and how that was important to me, since my dad got laid off from the factory after 30 years…sort of changed my perspective a little. The salesperson showed me this awesome company that was not only Canadian, I could also pick whatever fabric or leather I wanted for my living room pieces! Hello bold color…mama’s home LOL. The manufacturer’s name was Palliser Furniture. Plug that one into your notes, I know you were looking for a new ottoman…and they have purples!!!

Well girl, I did it, I went all out. I got that home theater seating we talked about, you know, with the cup-holders and blue lights like on that movie we watched the other night? I figured I work hard enough, I deserve a little treat once in a while. Oh wait, you think you’re jealous now, wait till you see the leather color I chose. My salesperson pulls out this huge rack of leather samples and goes, “Pick whatever you want out of this whole rack”. Seriously! I was like “OMG, I don’t even know where to start”. She said I could get a basic home theater with no bells and whistles to keep my price down, but whatever lady, this is my gift to myself, and I’m worth those bells and whistles baby LOL; but I made sure they were all necessary of course, have to remain practical ;). I got the cup-holders to hold my wine glass, I wouldn’t want to knock it over and ruin my carpet; I got the blue light strips at the bottom so I wouldn’t step on my cat while she’s sleeping, poor miss Kitty. I of course had to get the power recline because sometimes my legs are soooo tired after work, and they say poor circulations runs in my family, I wouldn’t want to aggravate a pre-existing condition :)…see girl, all necessities. Don’t worry, I enclosed pics.



You should see the other stuff you can get from them too. They have ottomans, recliners, regular couches, sofabeds, and they have the coolest little chairs called “my comfort” recliners. They had a trendy, slim look, AND they were comfy (great name I guess LOL); didn’t look like those everyday frumpy recliners. You could even get those in two widths, so one that fits hubby and one that fits you and your new pup! See, I’m always thinking of your well-being Kimster.

They also have this sectional called the Flex, and I can see why, it is sooo flexible (again with the appropriate name, I love it!) :). You can basically build it however you want, add a seat, or add a chaise, whatever; and you can get it in any leather of fabric! Keep that one in mind for your family room, I know Bill would just adore a giant teal blue leather sectional…I know I’d pay to see the look on his face LOL!


You know what else was kinda cool? They didn’t have my exact sofa there (obviously, I built it to my specs), but I could sit on a Palliser couch, and get the “feel” of their foams, structure and stuff. I got to see the color of my leather and fabrics right there, which a screen does no justice to btw. The colors are so much brighter up close and personal, and my fabrics are so soft. Remember those cushions I almost bought from that website? I’m glad I didn’t cause they had that exact same fabric there and not only is it super itchy, the blue is kind of turquoise, wouldn’t have matched my room at all! Palliser had the perfect blue accent color so I decided to get an ottoman and some toss cushions too!

I know I’m rambling but I can’t wait for you to come home so I can show you my masterpiece! You know me when I get excited about something, I can go on and on and on…LOL. I’m so happy I decided to stop at Arctic’s. Mom always shopped there...I should listen to my mother more (please don't tell her I said that)! Let me know when you’re back in town. I told my salesperson what you were looking for and she made the cutest little Palliser photo package for you with pics, dimensions, pricing…gave you a ton of options to choose from. She can email it to you, or better yet, I’ll go with you to pick it up at the store…lunch date, yay! Don’t worry, you’ll love their stuff; you know how fussy I am and I’m their new biggest fan! Enjoy the rest of your trip, and call me when you get home. Don’t forget to take pics of everything.

Your friend always,

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