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Love letters from a furniture store...

Posted by Renee Michel on

Oh Bermex, where have you been all my life? For so long I dreamed of something in my life I could have some control over, a keepsake I could completely design from head to toe. I yearned for the ultimate craft project…and then, there you were, like a wooden goddess answering my artisan prayer; my fairy godmother made of flowing supple leathers and colorful fabrics!

I longed for a distressed dining table with custom block legs…no…a pedestal base…and maybe a bench. Visions of endless texture and color choices danced through my head; blacks, tans, naturals, distressed or not, they flickered in my mind like the flipping pages of a picture book. How I found my way to Arctic, I really don’t know, you must have been calling out to me. I walked in and it finally became clear to me, my search was almost over.

I was surrounded by sumptuous fabrics and luxurious leathers, the scent of maple and birch wood tickling my nostrils. I picked up a pen, and like magic, there you were, as I had always imagined. You took my breath away with your distressed black top and square profile, your delicate pedestal base gently snuggling the floor, your perfectly tailored parson’s chairs, and your tiny added touch of button-tufted class. Your solid wood construction reassured me that not only were you gorgeous, you would also have quality, durability, and would stick around for the long haul; not only that…you were also a Canadian cutie.  You cared about the environment, supported local goodness, you couldn't have been more perfect!

I know distance makes the heart grow fonder, but oh how those weeks seemed like a lifetime.  You were just in Quebec, but you might as well have been on the other side of the world. I sat by my phone like a teenager, anxiously waiting for it to ring, hoping it was you. I couldn’t stand it anymore, the sight of my empty dining room made my eyes swell every time I walked by.  Finally, the call came! You showed up at my door, chauffeured by a giant white bear in a black chariot.  My soul mate!  As soon as I laid eyes on you I knew, you were the one.  You were gently carried through my threshold and we never looked back!

Oh my Bermex, I’m so glad we met. I would’ve lived out my life feeling empty, lost in a neutral, monochromatic world designed by strangers. We’ll have so much fun planning our future together…we can start with leather benches...maybe a buffet to store all our happy memories. Meet me at Arctic's sweetheart, we’ve got work to do!

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